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Picture of a sunset? #Blessed. Tweeting about going undefeated? #Blessed. Instagram post about something delicious to make everyone else in your life jealous? #Blessed. It’s the hashtag to top all hashtags. It’s the opposite of first world problems. But what is it in our lives that makes us truly blessed? As we inch closer to this season of Thanksgiving, it is important for us to understand what makes us so blessed to begin with. Gratitude begins when we understand what we already have.

Join us over the next six weeks for our new sermon series, #Blessed! We'll look at Psalm 23 and how our lives directly relate to David’s understanding of his everyday blessings. It all starts on Sunday, October 22nd at 10:30 AM!

Dynamic Church in Chattanooga will be starting a new sermon series called #Blessed!

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