What to Expect:

What is the “Culture” Like?

Our church is comprised of families and singles of all ages. Our atmosphere and dress are casual, but you can wear whatever you want. From shorts and a t-shirt to a 3-piece suit, wear what is comfortable for you (our Pastor will usually wear jeans and a dress shirt). Our church is made up of everyday people who aspire to make you feel welcome.

What will the sermon be like?

Our pastor is a Bible teacher who is highly personable and down to earth. You will learn something from the Bible in every sermon. You will probably laugh during the message, and you will be told how you can begin a relationship with Jesus that will change your life, or how your faith in Christ prepares you for everyday life.

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What will the music be like?

Our music is the type of contemporary Christian music and worship songs that you would hear on a Christian radio station. The songs will be easy to learn and sing along to.

What will the experience be like for my kids?

If you have kids, then you definitely know what a hassle it can be to get the whole family up and at ’em on the weekends. We’ve designed our kids programming on Sundays to be hassle-free for you and a blast for your kids! Through games and crafts in small group time and fun stories and music in big group time, your kids will love getting up to go to church on Sundays.

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Are you affiliated with a denomination?

Dynamic Church is a non-denominational and self-governing church. We have people from many different denominational backgrounds that worship with us each week. Dynamic Church was started and is supported by many churches and associations (both denominational and non) including: The Launch Network, Hamilton County Baptist Association, Tennessee Baptist Convention, and Rock Bridge Community Church.

What are your beliefs?

In a sentence, we believe that the Bible is the perfect, timeless Word of God and that everything in it is truth. Central to that is Jesus Christ who is the only way to God and came to give us a “better life than we ever dreamed” (John 10:10).

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Why does Dynamic meet in a rented space?

Despite what many naturally think, church isn’t a building! It’s the people! Being a new church, we don’t want to focus on facilities but rather on the people we are here to help discover active faith in God. So for now, we transform the YMCA into a church each week instead of financing our own facility. Come see it for yourself! We think you’ll be surprised by the high quality worship center and first class children’s environments we are able to create with this space.

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